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Before & After – Full Production

Here are a few examples of songs talented songwriters have sent us to arrange, record and produce. Make sure to listen to ALL the samples. There will be a wide range of styles and genres from rock to folk to jazz and more. Enjoy!

Artists will often send a scratch track as a reference. It’s fun to hear the initial scratch track and then the final result after full production.

Recorded for a songwriter out of San Diego. Recently ranked #1 in the world for family music on ReverbNation. As well they are ranked in the top sellers consistently on CDBaby.

Before & After

“Hey Hey Ho Ho Yo Ho”

Next BVM mixed and mastered the entire CD which was a combination of tracks produced by us and tracks from a studio in California. It’s amazing that no matter the distances between artists that great collaboration can be made! All instrumental tracks for “Oxford The Octopus” were recorded by Blue Vision Music with recording the vocals in California. The vocals were then sent to us for the final mix and mastering.

Before & After

“Oxford the Octopus” Birdsong & The Eco-Wonders

“We are so very grateful to you Jim, for your incredible roles as producer, engineer, music-maker.  These songs are filled with so much great rhythm and fun, smart musical accomplishments that adults & kids can’t help but jump up & sing and dance along! Thank you again for your time, talent & commitment to this project.”
-Cheryl Procaccini, Little Ones Music, California

From a very talented singer/songwriter in Indianapolis, IN.
Tracks are from his Parents’ Choice Award winning CD.

Before & After

“The Little Things” Mark Berstein

This songwriter supplied us with piano recordings & lyrics from which we created her entire Parents’ Choice Award winning CD. We wrote the arrangements, recorded all the instrumentals and recorded the vocals as well.

Before & After

“Somewhere, Someday” Kaley Willow & Wy Griffith

“A big plus is veteran acoustic musician and singer James Coffey.”
-Lynne Heffley, Parent’s Choice Review of Kaley Willow’s “Miss Willow’s Fence Row”

Just Plain Folks Music Award Nomination “Best Children’s Song”
Just Plain Folks Music Award Nomination “Best Children’s Album”

From an award winning songwiter from Florida. She had her own home studio and after hearing her demos, we created all the instrumental and did the final mixing and mastering.

Before & After

“Bacteria” Shana Banana

Before & After

“Banana Tree” Shana Banana

“The music tracks you’re doing for my show have notched the presentation up about 200 percent.”
-Shana “Banana” Smith, Award-winning Singer/Songwriter

Next sample is from a woman who runs her own music enrichment franchise for pre-schoolers. She sent us this variation on a traditional song with her own lyrics and asked us to record something fun and hip.

Before & After

“Boop Ti Boop”

Mixing & Mastering

Here we have an example of mixing & mastering existing tracks sent in by an artist. This track was previously released on CD. Below you will hear the 2 mixes side-by-side as they fade from the original mix to the mix produced by Blue Vision Music.

Before & After

“Te Quiero” Alina Celeste

“Needless to say, I’m super excited! It already sounds so much richer.
Thank you! It’s gone from my least favorite track to my most!”
– Alina Celeste



Mastering an Existing Mix

The last sample is an example of mastering an existing recording. Many artists think that mastering is not an essential process but in fact can make a good recording sound even better by eliminating problems, setting proper EQ and maximizing the volume. Thanks to Glenn Colton for allowing us to work on his song “Connections.”

Before & After

“Connections” Glenn Colton

“Thank you Jim…the production on your tracks is top notch…you guys record and produce extremely well!”
-Glenn Colton Shows, New York

Part of the mastering process involves dealing with unwanted noise, hiss, hums and clicks that result from many types of recording issues. Here’s an example of a finished recording with some substantial hiss through out.

“Walk Lightly On The Earth”
Pam Donkin & Greta Pedersen

“Walk Lightly On The Earth” Pam Donkin & Greta Pedersen

Hiss Removed
“Walk Lightly On The Earth” Pam Donkin & Greta Pedersen

Final Master
“Walk Lightly On The Earth” Pam Donkin & Greta Pedersen

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