Mix & Master Samples

Family music has come a long way. Where once it was the style to keep things simple, family music now encompasses every genre from Rock to Classical to Jazz to Folk. Here is a mixture of samples of several styles both family music and adult styles that we’ve mixed and mastered.

All songs mixed and mastered at Blue Vision Music

Lianna Berlinger: ‘Jacob’s Song’
Style: Family/Children
Jacob’s Song

Marla Lewis: ‘Leah’
Style: Family/Children

Alina Celeste: ‘Te Quiero’
Style: Family/Children
Te Quiero – Alina Celeste

Signe Jakobsen: ‘What Have You Done To Me’
Style: Rock Singer-Songwriter
What Have You Done To Me

Dino On The Loose: ‘Queen’s Light’
Style: Jazz Fusion
Queen’s Light

Speak Softly: ‘North Is False’
Style: Atmospheric Electronic Pop
North Is False