“You have all of these New York studios and all of these L.A. studios, but they’re better and it’s top-quality work,”

- Lee Capozzi, head of product development, Jersey City, N.J.


Children's Songwriters & Performers

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We Do It All!

Blue Vision Music is a full service fully equipped recording studio. We offer composing, arranging and recording services for every aspect of the children's entertainment market. Everything from music for videos and television to computer games and toys.

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Quality & Style

We can take existing original or public domain songs and turn them into outstanding musical productions in a wide variety of musical styles and instrumentation. Or create something totally new and unique that will make your project stand out from all the rest.

We Work Closely With You Every Step Of The Way!

Because every project is different and we are prepared to help you in anyway that best suites your needs. We can arrange and record tracks to be sent to your own personal studio for mastering or do it all start to finish!

The Best Sound

When you connect with us you'll have access to the best musicians and songwriters in the children's music industry. We use the top of the line studio gear including ProTools, StudioVision and Digital Performer as well as a host of samplers and digital processing equipment to make your project sound as good (probably better) than everyone else's.

Award-Winning Artists Working For You!

We have in-house musicians, voice-over artists and singers that have won awards across the nation. But we have more than that to offer you!! We constantly network with other songwriters, musicians and studios around the globe to bring you the BIGGEST variety of sounds and styles. Including Grammy award-winning artists and producers. We've even produced projects in French, German and Spanish when needed.