The Press

Pulse Magazine
“Like the best music of our time...
transcends gender, genre and generations.”

Sesame Street Parents
“...The songs fire your child's imagination...”

Chicago Tribune
“ can’t help but want to get on board for this musical trip.”

Los Angeles Times
“This compilation proves the songs' stand-alone appeal as Coffey, doing vocals and instrumentals, mixes his clever lyrics with smooth pop, folk and jazz rhythms.”

Publisher's Weekly
“Coffey’s assured and enthusiastic singing makes this an enjoyable, upbeat outing.”

Big Apple Parent
“James Coffey’s imaginative and clever lyrics are never dull or cloying, which will relieve many parents who are looking for diversions beyond Barney!”

“A solid addition to any public library collection.”

School Library Journal
“Coffey is an accomplished one-man show...”

Women’s Day
EDITOR'S CHOICE – “songs have never been played quite like this…”

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio
“…beats that invite kids to find new ways to move in creative ways…”

“James employs his friendly voice and inimitable keyboard flourishes…
designed to get children up and moving.”

Family Fun
“Wonderful original songs…
A gentle-voiced pop folkie with a knack for playful turns of phrase and melody…”


Tom McComas, CEO, Video Producer
“The music Blue Vision creates is the heart of our videos.”

Jack Horchler, Toy Executive
“With Blue Vision Music’s creativity we are able to bring our toys alive! They are responsible for creating and developing the music for our toys which has made us the leader in children’s products today. We could not accomplish this with out the creative genius of Jim and Georgean.”

Matt Welker, President, Fort Fun - Core Feature Animation
“We had only hoped we could find someone as talented as Jim for creating the sound design for our video, Northpoint. It was great to be able to tell Jim what we were looking for, and then get back so much more than we had imagined. We are looking forward to working with Blue Vision on our next project!”

Julie Trichtinger, COO, Center for Creative Play
“An enormous thank you to Blue Vision Music for meeting every unrealistic deadline we gave you and for surpassing our personal lofty expectations. You exceeded our wildest dreams and created such fun dynamic recordings.”

Joseph Stachler, Video Producer
“The video is going to be extremely popular thanks in large to your musical contributions.”

Kathleen Gibson, Award-winning Singer/Songwriter
“Jim’s work for me has been brilliant, imaginative, responsive to my wants,
and professional in all the best ways!”

Shana "Banana" Smith, Award-winning Singer/Songwriter
“The music tracks you're doing for my show have notched
the presentation up about 200 percent.”

Ken Jehle, Singer/Songwriter, Music Director
“Jim is professional, knowledgeable, and has a great ear for detail.
I was very pleased with the high quality results.”

Patricia Shih, Award-winning Singer/Songwriter
“My gosh Jim, you are a genius! And you can quote me on that one. A genius and an artist!”

Cynthia Holman, Educator, Singer/Songwriter
“I really love the music! Nice work! Thank your for putting your heart into it!”

Ruth Harris, Owner,
“Now that Songs for Teaching is becoming a huge site, I'm getting even pickier about the songs I select, but I really, really enjoy yours! I appreciate their high musical quality,
as well as the humor and educational value.”

Customers & Fans

Bridget Brown, Parent
“We attended your concert at Flint Youth Theatre. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon for my daughters. You truly have a gift, and I am thrilled that you are following your "calling". The positive impact you have on children is tremendous and needed in this day and age.”

Tonya Blackgrove, Pre-school Teacher
“I saw your concert at the Indiana Association of Educators of Young Children. You were fantastic! My preschool kids love your music.”

Billy Collins. Poet Laureate
“I enjoyed listening and I know two little girls who will enjoy it as well.”

Susan Hague, Kindergarten Teacher
“We love your music! I took it on our family vacation and my daughter and her cousins loved it! I can hardly wait to start using your tape in my classroom!”

Madeleine L'Engle, Author
“ I truly enjoyed listening…”

Mimi Darmody, Teacher
“I am a Kindergarten teacher…I am so pleased James Coffey makes such great songs that my students love so much, and I enjoy listening too.” Parent from Eden Prairie, MN
“I have two kids who love this music. My son tells me to stop talking and turn up the volume when we listen. They love to get their instruments out and play along.”

Gloria McDonald, Parent
“May I tell you your music is a HUGE HIT with my daughter…she wanted it played
over and over and over…”

Doris Alveres, Parent
“Just a note to tell you how much my 4 year old son enjoys your music,
Nothing else compares!”

Sheila Morris, Parent
“Our son is a huge fan of your music. As a mom who has to listen to the same children’s songs over and over, it is a thrill to find music that my son and I can both enjoy!”

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