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Hollywood sound effects company. Online download service.

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Sound Ideas is the worlds' leading resource for professional quality royalty free sound effects for

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Duplication Companies

Below is a list of duplication companies that have been recommended by other children's artists.
This is NOT meant to be an endorsement by Blue Vision Music but rather
an informative listing to help guide you in your search.

New England Compact Disc
76 Route 101A, Amherst, NH 03031
Tel: 1-877-591-6000
Contact: Gary Agresti

"For duplicating and great turnaround time... "
John & Diane Lowdermilk
Creative Disc Manufacturing
Nashville, TN 37205
(615) 356-4906

PSI Industries
Northvale, NJ
"Friendly, good quality, prices and turn-around"


OASIS Duplication

Progressive Music
..."is a very good and reliable place"
Contact person: Kenny
Phone #: (813)251-8093
2116 Southview Ave. Tampa FL 33606

Digital Domain - Top notch mastering engineer Bob Katz provides some of the best mastering services (he's famous, by gosh), and his company also provides duplication, art design and more. I've used them on my own recordings as well as on recordings I've produced, and his work is excellent.
Orlando, FL



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Selecting Music for Children - By Rebecca Devers

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